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Why should we wear protective medical visors?

In this difficult phase the world is going through, many questions arise.

Protective medical visors are considered one more preventive measure to fight the pandemic, COVID-19.

Can I use my visors without masks and am I equally protected?

This containment measure must be used simultaneously with the masks, and it adds numerous advantages to their use: 👇

. durability;

. greater protection;

. reusable (washable with soap and water or alcohol);

. 100% comfort;

. usefulness for several hours of work;

. prevents it from touching your face easily;

. facilitates verbal communication and reduces fatigue;

. visibility of facial expressions.

Understand why we should wear protective medical visors.

“It’s just one more measure that will always be just a part of any effort.”

Thus, medical protective visors end up being an insurmountable barrier for the virus, which means that you don’t become infected by the epidemic.

Protect yourself, yours and those around you! 😊

We hope it was helpful 💪

Blink Eye offers several varieties of visors according to the use you want to give it. Choose your color and your product according to your needs.

Our best for all of you.

Get it now 😉

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We have all of this and more for you!

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