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Grupo TJN


Grupo TJN

Communication integration


The Chef Nuno Pereira first came to us when he only had his first business, the Manjar dos Sabores restaurant. We helped with some marketing ideas and little by little the business started to evolve. Nuno decided to invest in a new restaurant, more geared towards meetings between entrepreneurs, where they would have access to a good meal and a cosy space for meetings, at the same time. And that’s when the birth of the new brand was born: MEETING, an unlikely cuisine. 

Still in development, Nuno also invested in training people who are passionate about cooking and catering services, thus needing a brand to represent them in this activity, which gave rise to the Nuno Pereira Corporative Image.


Having already created the 3 brands individually, the solution was to train the team on the importance of integrating communication as a group and that was when the decision was made to create the TJN group, an image representing all the businesses, which unifies each one and its particularity into one.


We have life, dynamism, personality and colour without uttering a single word. The image, when it is well executed at this level, does not need any addition of text.


Working with Blink Eye is working with customer-focused PROFESSIONALS! From the commercial area, through photography and the technical area, I always felt the real objective was to provide a suitable response to my project by presenting the best solutions! I recommend this team in a blink of an eye!

Nuno Pereira


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