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Separating screens: comfort and protection in one

In view of the current situation we are all going through, there are many protective equipment that companies must acquire to protect their business and ensure the stability and safety of everyone involved in the process.

Protection screens, considered a protection measure, are removable objects with the aim of protecting a certain area and individuals, inserted in a certain place, such as restaurants, hotels, offices, cafes and gyms.

It facilitates communication, comfort and keeps the door open so that the job market remains safe and can continue to function in the best way and with the best possible conditions.

Easy cleaning and disinfection, assured comfort, quick assembly and fastening.

In addition to the advantages of cleaning and fixing, the protective screens, being inserted in open spaces between individuals, facilitate verbal and gestural communication between people. They are translucent, bring confidence and comfort.

There are many women and men who would like to resume training, take the time to go back to the gym and enjoy their free time. Hong Kong takes advantage of this type of equipment and is concerned with raising protection solutions against COVID-19.

“The wish is that, during these 15 days, the conditions are created so that at the beginning of June we can take a step forward, removing this restriction on capacity and simply maintaining conditions that have to do with physical distance or the existence of friendly physical barriers.”

After a statement from the Prime Minister of Portugal, the maximum capacity of customers in restaurants can be removed from the 1st of June, if these restaurants make use of protective equipment, that is, screens and modular acrylic partitions. 

Blink Eye is a company concerned with the stability and comfort of its customers. ❤️

We have several protective equipment available, according to your needs and choices that are being updated according to the DGS safety standards.

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