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Rochavau Hotel

Branding, Signage, Video, Photography

Rochavau Hotel

Visual Identity

Rochavau Hotel challenged us to create a branding for the reopening of its doors to the public and proposed the creation of interior signage for its facilities. The goal was to convey an atmosphere of sophistication and modernity that reflected the essence of the hotel, ensuring a unique experience for its guests.

We delved into the identity of Rochavau Hotel, understanding its history, values, and target audience. We developed a concept that combined contemporary elegance with a touch of authenticity, creating a distinctive logo, hotel stationery, internal and external signage, and an institutional video.

A visual identity that not only reflects the essence of Rochavau Hotel but also elevates its image to a new level of sophistication. We confidently assert that this new visual identity contributed to Rochavau Hotel’s prominent position in the market and to the ongoing satisfaction of its guests.


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