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Moldes 2000

Branding, Web Design, Interior design, Fairs and Exhibitions

moldes 2000

360 Marketing


Moldes 2000 blinked at us in a process of total reactivation of the organization’s brand. From new installations to the selection of the way of being and acting for each element, this was the proposed challenge.


The entire strategic redefinition of communication began and after defining the channels and the target, the 360 ​​marketing developments began.

Longstanding trust, in this case, is our best metric. Today, the client asks us what should be done in each of the situations that arise in their daily lives.


Working with Blink Eye is not working with a supplier. It's the guarantee of having a partner. A partner with incredibly dedicated and hardworking people who work on solutions and guarantees of work, always with the greatest availability and professionalism! Even when their proposals do not match our ideas, they respond with incredible speed to our requests! If we went back in time, our choice would surely fall back on Blink Eye.

Sónia Santos

Moldes 2000

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