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Modernity and Tradition

MatCeramica sought our help in creating a catalog for its pieces, titled “The Heart of our Home”, destined for Ambiente ’24 in Germany. Additionally, they requested our expertise in designing a stand to showcase their pieces during the event. The goal was to develop a catalog that conveyed the essence of their ceramic pieces, highlighting their artisanal quality, beauty, and versatility, and a stand that brought the modernity and tradition found in their pieces.

Working to create a catalog design that captured the nature of MatCeramica’s ceramic pieces, we used high-quality photographs that highlighted the details and artisanal beauty of each product. Simultaneously, for the stand, we designed a structure that harmonized modern and traditional elements, creating a space that reflects the quality and history behind MatCeramica’s pieces.

A visually stunning and informative catalog that not only presents MatCeramica’s ceramic pieces attractively but also tells an emotional story about how these products truly are the heart of a home, and a successful stand that attracted visitors’ attention with its unique blend of modernity and tradition, impressively showcasing its products.


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