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Marketing vs Advertising

After all, isn’t Advertising Marketing? They handle with different concepts. Shocked? 😮

Well, different from what many people believe, Marketing and Advertising do not represent the same concept. Individually, both areas present advantages for the business, if used at the right time and in the right way.

Marketing vs. Advertising! They do not represent the same concept.

What is Marketing about?

It is the responsible area for the strategic planning of all actions that must be taken to achieve the goals of an Organization. In order to face its positioning (image of the company/brand in the consumer’s mind) correctly. It is, therefore, a set of several strategies that we can apply to help the company in achieving its objectives.

The basis of the marketing study is the 5P’s (we do not consider it acceptable to speak of 4 in 2020 😉):

  • Product.
  • Price.
  • Plac.
  • Promotion.
  • People (Extremely important nowadays).

So, what about advertising? 🤔

Advertising is, in its turn, a marketing tool. It is, therefore, used in the creation and development of the defined strategies. And it deals with the propagation / dissemination of a certain message

Advertising is, therefore, a marketing tool.

It can have several purposes at the beginning and among them are: 👇

  • The sale (or increase) of a product / service.
  • The dissemination of a message.
  • Increased visibility for the brand / company, with a view to positioning.

Finally, we can conclude that these two areas are directly interconnected. Advertising is then one of the techniques used by marketing to obtain the desired results.

We hope it was helpful… 💪

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