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Leiria Wine Tasting

Event, Vehicle Decoration, Branding, Merchandising, Video

Leiria Wine Tasting

Event Image and Promotion


The “Mercado dos Aromas” Wine Shop challenged us to create the image and promotion for the “Leiria Wine Tasting” event. Their goal was to promote a wine tasting event in an attractive and effective way, highlighting the quality of the wines presented and attracting a diverse audience of wine enthusiasts.


We immersed ourselves in the essence of the event, understanding its unique proposition and the assets of the wines that would be offered. We developed a widespread marketing strategy that included creating a striking visual identity for the event, combining traditional and modern elements to convey the sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere of wine tasting.


It was a success beyond expectations! The “Leiria Wine Tasting” event attracted many participants, including wine enthusiasts, industry professionals, and members of the local community.


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