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Giovanni Galli


Giovanni Galli

Digital presence


Giovanni Galli has a strategy that is extremely focused on digital, and for a strong digital presence trustworthy content and credibility is necessary.


Selection of models that exude the brand’s concept and values, that humanise the project and with which the Target audience identifies. Validation of coherent and homogeneous funds and exhaustive selection of each new collection. Photography of clothing with a model, from various angles and perspectives, in order to fill the website with life and enable sales, closer to the customer.


From the first project, we created a very close and extremely trusting relationship with Giovanni Galli and the entire team involved in the project. From there, it is just a matter of waiting for the dates of the new collections and improving things we find along the way. We are so proud we can walk side by side with you.

The relationship between Blink Eye and Giovanni Galli is based on trust, hospitality and even friendship consolidated over the years of working together. It has been a privilege for us to work with you, together and always looking to innovate in order to find the best business solutions together. Our company seeks to grow every day while maintaining a certain level of quality, which is only possible thanks to your dedication and work. We thank you for your contribution and trust.

Andreia Pires


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