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Castelhano e Ferreira


castelhano e ferreira

Hierarchical sorting of all the brands

Castelhano & Ferreira has been a partner for a very long time, but which always entrusted us with sporadic projects because they had never been able to see the true value of an integrated communication. After the company had been in business for 40 years, they challenged us to help them win back their most precious target: The architects, who had been forgotten along the way.


Castelhano & Ferreira’s strategy began with a gigantic ordering of all the brands, ranges, products and services that it can offer. This allowed the Rebranding of the Parent brand and graphic development of each of the endorsed brands, in order to define the hierarchical family of brands and to summarise the communication of the Turnkey Offer.


The customer is extremely satisfied and is benefiting from the continued growth of this strategy implemented just under a year ago. At this stage, we are feeling the increasing requests from competing and partner companies.


From a simple production of catalogues, merchandising, design and assembly of our stands for international fairs to the delivery and process of the entire rebranding of Castelhano e Ferreira. We acknowledge and thank you for the technical capacity, follow-up and dedication that you put into each project and that makes you an excellent partner in the development of our business. We've been winking together for 11 years. 😉

Sandrina Grilo

Castelhano e Ferreira


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