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15 years of blinking storytellings

A birthday makes us feel loved, appreciated and the best thing is that we remember all the amazing moments and experiences we had throughout our lives. 🥳.

This June 22, we celebrated our fifteenth anniversary and felt the affection of the memories we created together on this long journey.

We started blinking in 2007 and since then we haven’t stopped designing and developing the best marketing and graphic production solutions for our customers. Our experience, full of ethics, professionalism and flexibility, allows us to assert ourselves as one of the only creative agencies with advertising production in the Portuguese market. And yet, we are also worldwide in several countries such as: Germany, France, Switzerland and Angola! 🌍

What makes you Blink?

To celebrate in the best way, we created a totally new concept just for you, but always keeping our minimalist essence; quality and efficiency 😉.

We are sure that people blink at the best moments in life, when they think about their memories and feel happiness, love, hope and positive emotions. That’s why we want to deliver the best service that goes beyond creativity, we want to deliver an experience that will stay with you forever and make you blink.

To achieve this goal, we developed the advertising campaign “What makes you blink?” through various communication channels and we also include a completely innovative website, to be closer to you.

Finally, to end our celebration, we produced a video for you, to show our gratitude to all customers, suppliers, employees and all the people who have been with us along this path. We want to continue to blink with you and be present in the best moments of your life!

To start creating memories with us, contact us! Blink Eye with us 😉!

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